Recycled Pallet Wood Art Info

Topics being covered

  1. Using random material to create art.
  2. How to use pallet wood as your canvas. 

Supplies/Tools List

  1. Pallet Wood
  2. Barn Wood
  3. Recycled materials: Christmas lights, glass
  4. Bottles of craft paint
  5. Miter saw
  6. Dremel Trio  
  7. Glass cutter
  8. Purdy paint brush
  9. Mortar - color: black
  10. e6000 adhesive (for the glass) 

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 Recycled Pallet Wood Art - beachbumlivin

Recycled Pallet Wood Art - beachbumlivin

This weeks project for me was about having some fun and seeing what kind of wall art I could come up with using used recycled wooden pallet wood as the canvas. The supplies I used were Wooden Pallets, Glass Scraps, Old Christmas Lights, Barn Wood, and some paint! Continue reading down below  :)


Creating Recycled Art

For this weeks project I'm taking some old scraps and unused items and blending them together to create wall art. The actual material I'm using is pallet wood, glass scraps, old Christmas light, and some barn wood. I plan on using the pallet wood as the canvas and the barn wood to frame it. 


To begin, I started with getting the canvas constructed from the pallet wood. Once that was done, I came up with a design and drew it out onto the pallet wood. Instead of just painting the design, I wanted it to have more texture, so I outlined the wave I drew using a Dremel Trio. 

Next, I wanted to use the glass scraps in some way so I cut and shaped the individual glass pieces into a design. To inlay them into the wood, I used the Dremel Trio to cut out enough of the wood so the glass would fit flush into the pallet wood. 

I also used some mis-tint paint and painted a design that looks as if its in the background behind the glass and wave. It's suppose to look like sun rays and mountains. 


Lastly, I installed the Christmas lights. To do this all I did was drill a little hole big enough for the lights to poke through the pallet wood and then I used a staple gun to hold them into place. 


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