Pallet Wood Coffee Table with Wave Design

Topics being covered

  1. How to use pallet wood to create a decorative table.
  2. Using a Jigsaw to cut out a design.
  3. Painting with Annie Sloan and CeCe Caldwell

Supplies/Tools List

  1. Paint: Annie Sloan & CeCe Caldwell
  2. Two or Three Used Pallets
  3. Sawzall or Pry bar (disassemble pallet) 
  4. Jigsaw
  5. 4X4 post  
  6. 2X4 piece of Plywood
  7. Nails or Screws
  8. Wood Glue
  9. Clear and Dark Wax
  10. #150 Sandpaper
  11. Bosch 6.5 Amp 2-Blade Planer
  12. Miter Saw
  13. Drill

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 Pallet Wood Coffee Table with Wave Design

Pallet Wood Coffee Table with Wave Design

This weeks woodworking project I show you how to take the wood from a pallet and build a beautiful pallet wood coffee table with a wave design on top! This table is a very simple design and a lot of fun to make! The paint I use is Annie Sloans Chalk Paint and CeCe Caldwells Natural Chalk and Clay Paint. Continue reading down below  :)


What's up y'all!! This weeks project is based on the Original Pallet Wood Coffee table except on this one the top is changed. All the dimensions are exactly the same as the Original.


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