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Topics being covered

  1. Using reclaimed wood to build rustic furniture. 
  2. How to use the Kreg pocket hole jig. 

Supplies/Tools List

  1. Reclaimed wood
  2. Kreg Jig
  3. Pocket hole screws
  4. Circular Saw
  5. Miter Saw
  6. Drill
  7. Bosch 6.5 Amp 2-Blade Planer
  8. Minwax Polycrylic - clear satin

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 Rustic Kitchen Island - beachbumlivin

Rustic Kitchen Island - beachbumlivin

This weeks project is a Rustic Driftwood Kitchen Island that I build using wood that I found on the beach after Tropical Storm Debby. I used a splash of blue that I painted on the bottom to give the piece some color. The woodworking plans I got for this project were from blog. She has really great and simple woodworking projects and woodworking plans. Continue reading down below  :)


Creating the Rustic Kitchen Island from Reclaimed Wood

So what's up guys! Welcome to this week's project on BeachBumLivin where on this week I'm going to show you how I turn this pile of driftwood I had collected from the beach after the tropical storm came through and how I was able to transform it into this cool looking old rustic kitchen island. So stay tuned and I'm going to show you how I got it done.


All right, this week's project was uh...a ton of fun you know, I had always wanted to build something and I just never have up until a few weeks ago I was able to get this whole pile of wood that I had collected from the beach which was just some awesome wood. I knew I wanted to build something with it I just didn't know what. So what I ended up doing was going to this blog that I had previously found before that was really informative and it’s this lady and her name is Ana White. She just has a lot of do-it-yourself projects on her blog and she has this section where she actually designs a lot of her projects and so she has these detailed instructions with measurements and everything you'll need on it. So I knew that would be a good place to start because her designs are really simple and I knew with the wood I had I knew I couldn't build something really complicated because it was really rustic and old. So it needed to be somewhat simple. I went there and she actually had a design that I guess one of our friends posted from her blog onto her site and it was from old paint designs. It was just this rustic kitchen island, which they had built with reclaimed wood as well and it just looked awesome and I knew the wood that I had would look great in this project. So that's the one I decided on. On her blog she these really detailed instructions that I was able to print out and it has the tools your going to need, the material you'll need to buy, and the cutlass which is what you will cut down the material you know into it's each part of the project and then you'll basically just kind of piece it together. So printed it out, decided on what wood I was going to want to use on of the pile of wood I had, kind of cleaned it up, cut everything down to the exact specifications that she had in her instructions, and then I basically just pieced it together. It ended up being really simple and overall it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. At the end I really had a feeling of accomplishment when I was done because I took this wood I found, didn't pay anything for it, and was able to build something you know from it. Which I just thought was awesome. So it turned out great and I was really you know how to uh... had a lot of fun with this project and I hope I can do some more like this. So stay tuned and lets go ahead and get this thing started.

Okay, I'm ready to get started on this project the first thing I wanted to do was go and get all the tools I’m going to need. So what I got out was I have a miter saw, sander, circular saw, cordless drill, a power plainer, a Kregs pocket hole jig, and a few knick knack tools that I'm going to need. Most importantly I have the instructions. I went ahead and selected some of the better pieces that I’ll need and this is just all the wood that's going to be necessary for building this kitchen island.

So I have that out and to get started the first thing I'm going to want to do is go ahead and cut down all the pieces that I'm going to need for the project. Okay, so I just finished cutting the all the boards down into the exact length that were specified in the directions but I wanted to show you this part real quick before I start assembling everything. It calls for basically a notch to be cut into the legs to allow these two by four supports to fit down in nicely so it'll be flush once it's cut out. What I plan on doing is, I actually saw a video on Ana Whites blog, which explains how to do this. I'm going to use a circular saw and just cut a few strips in here to allow me to be able to notch out the pieces and it will have a nice groove cut in here once I'm done. I'm going to show you guys how to do that real quickly. It calls for it to be an inch and a half deep and on these circular saws it shows the depth of it. So I have it set to a inch and a half and now I know when I start cutting it's only going to go down a inch and a half and allow enough to be cut out to where this two by four will fit nicely in here.


Okay, so I finished notching the legs out and as you can see it's just going to give it a really nice flush look. So pretty much all I have left to do was to start assembling all the pieces that I cut which should be pretty easy I mean once a get things cut and it's kind of right it should be like piecing a puzzle together so uh... So I finished putting the lower part of the legs which was the part right just notched out that little section where I was able to slide the two by four in flush which that's pretty simple to attach once you have those little notches cut out but the upper part I wanted to show you guys how I was going to do this. As you can see it just fits in and is flush and there's no really go way to screw this in unless you wanted to use huge screws and go from the back side of the post but it will just have this ugly screw head exposed on the outside of your project so that's not really the route I want to go.

So what I have Is this Kreg pocket hole kit and what it is it comes with a couple of things but this is the main component that's in it and what it is you set this to whatever width your wood stock is and you can see how it's going to allow you to drill nice angles holes. It just set you up to where you can be consistent drilling your holes. It gives you a nice angled hole so that when you attach this right here you have a nice hole to be able to drill in with your screw and attach this and your screw head will be nicely hidden. Okay, so you use this little collar that comes with your kit and you set it to the depth that you want it to stop at on your drill bit and you can see how it's going to only go to this depth, you attach that, I have the Kreg pocket hole attached. So as you can see it gives you a nice angled hole so now when you go to attach it your screw will go in and it will have that nice hidden look to it.

So okay, I've completed the bottom portion of the project the next step is going to be to build the top shelf and then the bottom shelf. Okay, I've just finished putting on the top and this thing turned out better than I expected you know I because I was kind of hesitant, I mean that the plans that I printed off were really simple and straight forward so I knew that part was going to be easy, it was working with the driftwood that I collected I wasn't to sure how all that was going to piece together but it came out great and I couldn't be happier with it. So it's pretty much complete and the only thing that I have really left to do is, and if it works I think it'll be a really neat idea. I had also found this driftwood stick when I was getting this wood and the idea I have for it is to maybe using some wood dowels drill this out on each end and then drill through this face plate a hole for the dowel to fit as well. This will sit here in the front of this because this is a kitchen island you know you can kind of picture this facing towards the inside of the kitchen towards the sink and with this hanging here you'll be able to hand your dish towels and stuff like that over it. I just think it will be functional and kind of cool looking. So if I can figure out how to make this work I think it will be a nice addition to the already cool looking island. That's what I'll try and do next. All right, I just got done putting on this handrail thing. I'm not even sure what you would really call it, towel hanger thing. What I ended up doing was using that driftwood stick that I had and I used these wooden dowels and what I did it was on the back side of the stick I just used one of these drill bits that drills a hallow hole all the way through but I didn't go all the way through. I went about halfway so that this dowel could fit about halfway through the stick and then on this face board I drilled it all the way through. Overall, it ended up being a lot more difficult than I initially thought it would be. Just tying to line up everything and get it perfect and everything because this is the only stick I had so I only had one shot at drilling so if I screwed it up I didn't know what I was going to do. I'm happy with it. I think it turned out really good. I think its pretty cool.

I'm done with the island but I wanted to add something to it. If you can picture this being in a kitchen, this side will be facing inside the kitchen towards the sink and you turn around and here's the island and you have the wash rags hanging from this but on the back side instead of having some bar stools or something to be able to sit there and maybe have breakfast or whatever. I still have a little bit of wood left over. So what I plan on doing is using this big piece right here and actually building a bench to go along with the island. I'm going to use the same style as I did with the island as far as the four by four post as legs. I think it will look really neat with it. That's what I'm going to tackle next.

All right, I'm done! Turned out awesome! I appreciate you guys checking out the video and I hope you liked it. If you did, show me some love and make sure you hit that like button. Also don't forget to subscribe to the channel. Guess I'll see you guys next week. Thanks for checking out BeachBumLivin!


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