What is BeachBumLivin? Is it an idea? Is it a frame of mind? Or is it a way of life? Maybe BeachBumLivin is a community of like-minded people who are aware of the negative environmental impact that wasteful consumption and the unnecessary exhaustion of natural resources is having on the Earth's ecosystems and are ready to make things right by being smarter consumers. Or it might be a group of fellow BeachBums who just want to build some cool shit, share ideas, and be inspired. I believe BeachBumLivin is all the above. At the core, BeachBumLivin is about sharing. We look to provoke creativity in everyone. Our goal is to give you an epicenter for ideas and the knowledge to create eco-friendly projects for yourself by using recycled materials or existing furniture. So go grab some tools or a paint brush, check out the Projects page, and get inspired.  -beachbumlivin

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