Green Dresser Info - How to paint, distress, and antique furniture

Topics being covered

  1. How to prep furniture before painting. 
  2. Great tips on how to get paint for cheap. 
  3. Layering different colors of paint.
  4. How to dry brush paint on for a cool look.
  5. How to finish things up using Polyshades. 

Supplies/Tools List

  1. Acrylic Latex Paint - Flat or Satin - Four colors used
  2. Kilz Primer
  3. Purdy Paint Brushes
  4. Dewalt 1/4 Sheet Palm Grip Sander
  5. #80 and #120 Sandpaper
  6. Screwdriver (removing hardware) 
  7. Polyshades - color: Pecan Satin

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Dresser Project-tumbnail.jpeg

This week's project was a pretty easy one that anyone can do with just a little bit of paint!! Using just three different colors of paint I was able to turn an old wood dresser into an even older looking dresser but waaay cooler!!  Continue reading down below :)


 Click photo to watch this part of the video

Click photo to watch this part of the video

This is the project that began it all, the Little Green Dresser. Well, it actually started out as a little white dresser. Before anyone tries to correct me on calling this piece of furniture a dresser, I know a lot of you would call it a chest of drawers. That's fine, I just don't use the word chest of drawers or 'chester drawers' as my grandmother would say. Anyway, I picked this thing up super cheap at an estate sale. It was in really good condition and a very simple design that would be great for showing off the painting technique I had planned for it.

To get things started I needed to prep this piece and get it ready for paint. I used some medium grit sand paper and a Dewalt sheet palm sander just to give the piece a somewhat rough to the touch finish. Since I'm repainting this thing anyway, there is no need to completely strip it down to bare wood. <<< Click the photo to watch this part 

Now I'm ready to paint. I was going to end up with three different colors on the outside and one for the inside of the drawers. Some folks are probably like why in the hell would you paint inside the drawers since you don't even see it. I personally like the surprise of opening the drawer and booyah, a different color. The paint I used was purchased for super cheap at one of the major hardware stores. They usually have a little rack or shelf that will have cans of this mistinted or 'oops' paint.  Nowadays I'm always on the lookout for this kind of kind paint because of the money saved is tremendous. Click the photo to watch this part >>> 

I finished up the different layers of paint and before I began distressing anything I wanted to add a little dry brushing to really give the dresser that extra old antique look.

 Click on the photo to watch this part of the video

Click on the photo to watch this part of the video

 Click the photo to watch this part of the video

Click the photo to watch this part of the video

To achieve this effect I first watered the paint down. Next I would just dip the tip of the brush in the watered down paint and then lightly brush on the streaks. It looks kinda crazy at first but once the dry brushed streaks get sanded the lines will look blended and have a really natural distressed look. <<< Click the photo to watch this part 


Now it is time to distress. I use a combination of coarse and medium grit sandpaper to give variations in the levels of distressing. I use the coarse sand paper for the bulk of the sanding and the medium more for the blending. It will be up to each person to decide how much they want things distressed.

To finish things up on this project I used a product called Polyshades by Minwax. I always use some sort of protection on my projects whether it be a polyurethane, wax, or in this case a poly/stain mix. By using this product I was basically trying do two things at once. The stain was going to act like a glaze and the poly would protect the finish. Since this is a oil based product and it's going over latex paint it will go on splotchy. Since the look I'm going for is old and distressed the Polyshades uneven application is perfect. Click the photo to watch this part >>> 

 Click the photo to watch this part of the video

Click the photo to watch this part of the video


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