Faux Wood Grain Info - Using stain to create a wood grain

Topics being covered

  1. Using stain and a wood graining tool to create a faux wood grain.
  2. The trial and error process of getting the look I wanted. 

Supplies/Tools List

  1. Acrylic Latex Paint
  2. Stain
  3. Purdy paint brushes
  4. Wood Graining Tool
  5. Cotton Rag
  6. Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane

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 Faux Wood Grain - beachbumlivin

Faux Wood Grain - beachbumlivin

This week I'm going to show you how to paint faux finish wood grain on a plain garage door and make it look like Real Wood. There was a lot of trial and error that went into this weeks project but ultimately I think the garage turned out really nice and actually looked like real wood!! Continue reading down below :)


Video Transcript

Welcome back to this week's project on BeachBumLivin where on this week I’m gonna show you how to turn this plane lookin cheap painted white garage door into this beautiful expensive looking wood garage door so stay tuned and I'm going to show you how to get it done.

So this weeks project is uh... a garage door. I know it's not furniture which I normally do but I'm hoping to be able to use some of this stuff that I do with furniture as far as doing the faux kinda wood grain and give this thing a wood grain look. I'm hoping I'll be able to use that on this garage door cause ultimately what I'm wanting to do is take this plain white garage door and make it look like its natural wood sooo... 

The idea that I have is, keep in mind that some of this stuff I’m going to be trying I’ve never done so it might take some trial and error but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to just rub some stain over the plain white garage door and use this wood graining tool which I’ve never used before. So I’m not sure how that's gonna turn out but I'm going to  put the stain up there first and then I'll get the wood grain using this tool and it will leave a nice wood grain and then I’ll just be able to rub a stain over it and be done with it. So that's the plan I have in my head on how this is going to turn out. I hope it's as easy as that, you know. I’m not sure though so that’s what I plan on doing and I'm going to go along and if that doesn't turn out I'll have to figure it out as I go along. Sooo, stay tuned, lets get this thing started and see how it turns out.

Ok so I’ve got everything stripped off the garage door that needs to be. Hardware is gone and I took that rubber stripping off the garage door as well. The  garage door is all cleaned up so it looks like it's ready to start staining. Sooo since its about two thousand degrees out here I cant get these rubber gloves on so I'm going to see if  putting a little bit of powder on here helps, see if I can get them on now yessss, worked.

Holy crap, doesn't work, its already dried.   Alright, so as you could see what I was initially doing what I really planned on doing wasn't working out all. I don't know what the deal was but maybe because it was so hot outside or this material that the garage door is. What I've decided to do was put down a base layer color which I'm just going to use some of the paints that I have. This looks like it would be pretty close to some of this wood that's already on the house as a base layer if you can picture it is going to be this color and then I'm going to use the chocolate glaze on top of it. Then I'll use the wood graining tool to get the wood grain. In the end just barely some of this color will show through to give it that golden look like golden oak. I guess I'm going to try this out and see how it works ya know and like anything if you do something with painting and it doesn't turn out you can always just paint over it and start over and that's kinda what I’m doing so we'll see how this turns out.  I know this looks kinda bright right now but with me doing the next step which is going to be to put stain top of this so it won't end up so bright.

As you can see I’m just using a brown glaze and mixing it up with a little bit of water just to dilute it a little bit so it goes on a little thinner. I'm using a little sponge brush and all I'm doing is just dabbing it in and then gently spreading this out. This isn't going to be the final coat, this is just another under coat. What I’ll probably do after I do this coat is go over it again, more than likely with a dry brush with a darker color and streak it on even more.  You can start to see it's kinda looking like it's turning into wood.  Okay, so this is what it looks like after I did that first layer of glaze on it and its starting to look pretty good, like its actual wood. The only thing is its still a little light. Overall its still got a really gold look to it so what I've decided to do instead of using that glaze is to mix up some paint that’s watered-down that’s a brown. Instead of using a sponge I'm using a brush and brushing it on. As you can see it's starting to darken it up a little bit and I think that it will be the right color for the base color. I’m still going to use a couple more layers on top where I'll fine tune the wood grain but I'm thinking its starting to look pretty good. 

I just finished putting that second coat of brown on and as you can see it's really starting to darken up and actually start to look like wood. Its starting to look really cool right now. What I got here is the second coat of brown and what I plan on doing next is put a little bit more brown on there probably just using a dry brush or the wood graining tool to streak away some of it.

Okay, so I finished the step where I was using the brown paint and using the wood graining tool. I was lightly spreading it out with a dry brush and overall it was really looking good like it had a wood texture. It's still a little light so what I decided to do was to add this dark walnut stain that I have. All I did was lightly dab a rag into it and then I kind of spread it out where it was evenly spread out. Certain locations are darker than others others and I just think it really gives it a depth or texture. To add another touch to it I mixed up a little bit of a acrylic black paint onto this paper plate and using a dry brush I just barely dabbed the tip of it in and then just kinda of spread it out to certain locations.

The only thing I really have left to do is I'm going to need to clear coat it just to protect it. I picked up some outdoor clear coat. I'll probably put two coats and that should be it for the finish. The last thing I'll do is put the new hardware on which the new hardware is black so I think it will look neat next to this wood faux wood grain.

All right guys I hope you enjoyed this weeks project and as you can see I think it turned out really good. It was a lot of hard work with a lot of trial and error. I was doing a lot of things that I've never tried before and ultimately it turned out good. I hope you guys enjoyed it, I hope you learned something and don't forget to subscribe to the channel cause I'm doing these projects weekly and if you like the video make sure to like it. I'll see you guys next week. Oh yea, don’t forget to check out the BeachBumLivin Facebook page where I post links to these videos along with a lot of photos of me out doing BeachBumLivin stuff. So check it out check it out brah! I think you'll enjoy some of the pictures and be sure to leave comments and stuff like that.  Peace.


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