**Click on pic to watch some random vids about Me**

**Click on pic to watch some random vids about Me**

Hello, I'm Shane

'Beach Bum Commander' 

How-to videos on making furniture SUPER AWESOME. Current location Savannah Georgia. Previous whereabouts - Hawaii, Germany, and Florida. Life loving, beer drinking, day dreaming, furniture fixing, surfing, fishing, stand-up paddling, kind of Guy. That's ME :) I'm an ex Army Ranger and University of Georgia dropout who finds peace in building, painting, and creating things that are environmentally friendly.   Aloha

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We <3 Sharing

We're committed to educating you on refurbishing techniques and sharing ideas with you for FREE!!!!!


Green is Good

Recycling, upcycling, and refurbishing is a good idea! It's good for the environment. It's keeps unnecessary stuff out of the landfills.


The Video that began it All

This was the first video tutorial done at BeachBumLivin. (I cringe when I watch it) LOL!